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Friday, 5 November 2010

A Matter of Life and Death written by Alan Barnes with Pencils by Sean Longcroft

I found A Matter of Life or Death to be a fun and quirky piece of nonsense. Initially I was put off by the very different artwork of Sean Longcroft (working with Martin Geraghty) because it looked far more childish, less filmic than the two strips I have already read. The shading seems a lot less impressive and hence the whole thing has a slightly 2D feel to it, whereas Endgame and The Keep almost look like stylishly depicted live action. However as I continued it seems to suit the style of the story quite well and when I came across that truly barmy (and utterly delicious) shot of the space octopus wrapping its tentacles around the TARDIS in space I was sold. The Doctor walking down the platform to confront the horrible great squid with its protubences worming their way into the ship was extremely powerful and the shot of the good guys and the bad guys squaring off against each other was brilliantly chaotic.

Barnes' premise is fantastic, a faux Doctor and Izzy taking on a evil squid, both sides using characters from the Doctor's past. I only wish I could have spotted more characters that I knew! The only two that jumped out at me were the fabulous Beep the Meep (I know him from a Big Finish freebie) and the first black companion Sharon. Dare anybody have a look and tell me who else was there and what strips they hail from or is that a task too monumental? Perhaps once I have read a lot more of the comics I can revisit and bask in the nostalgia of the story.

Absolute madness but great fun: 8/10

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